Request For Proposal“RFP"


When first communicating with us we will require you to fill out a form describing the following products and services you are looking to obtain from GTP as well as a signature acknowledging such work being performed.

Next we will ask for any and all information for making that project a success and can include:

Storyboard of how exactly you want the project to flow

Information to hire other service providers / talent

Vantage points for where exactly you want us to film

If you’d like to be a part of the post production editing process then we have to originally state that in the invoice for services and products being rendered

*For Videography/Cinematography*

Rehearsal filming is REQUIRED OR we have a document acknowledging you chose to opt out from this crucial step in the creative process. to ensure proper video and audio specifications are met, if not given the time or option to do this GTP will charge you an additional cost for doing this the day of as well as require you to sign off a release of liablity form.*

Point of contact for last minute changes for day of

Greentpyro Productions, LLC. “GTP” 2021