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Audio Visual (A/V) & 

Video Production Services

Why hire us?

Why would you be in need of an Audio Visual Consultant?

Audio Visual Consultants are the backbone of Event Planning and Executing. They are also referred to as Audio Visual Technicians as most are straight out of high school with some tech savy knowledge and most of their training and experience comes from on the job. Their work can range from taking orders over the phone to delivering equipment and setting it up followed by taking it down (striking).

Other tasks of an Audio Visual Technician include other roles depending on the task at hand.

Film Set = ProductionAssistant (PA), Gaffer (Light Technician), Audio Engineer, Boom Operator, Camera Operator, Director of Cinematography (DP),

Our Audio Visual Consultants are a little more than that as they hold a minimum of a two to four year degree from an accredited institution in the U.S., they have worked professionally in their field in either the public and or private sector and they have a portfolio spanning their college through professional career highlighting multimedia proofs (art) that has placed a carbon footprint onto any business entity they have worked for or on behalf of. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to look them up on major search engine databases or through our website.


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