Anita H.

“Kent prepared and managed a presentation for a private event. He was the consummate professional. The event was very personal, so it was important that it go smoothly. And indeed it did.”

Andrew C.

"Kent has worked for many times and in many differentcapacities from high-level corporate and media events to full stage build lighting and audio production for concerts. Kent has always been reliable and professional and at times has displayed great leadership. He is always well prepared with proper tools and is always in the appropriate attire. Kent will continue to be one of the first techs that I reach out to for DC area jobs of any kind. It’s been a pleasure to work with him.”

Audio Visual Actions, Inc.

"We at Audio Visual Actions proud to recommend Mr. Kent. We have worked with him and still do. Great customer service and knowledge."

Rashid Grays

"I highly recommend Kent, he is a very organized person on the job site as well he is very detailed in doing his job to the full if you’re looking for a well rounded individual he is your man.”

Gordon M.

"Kent is the consummate professional. Never one to leave something to chance, he always makes sure his project or event goes off smoothly. By incorporating proper planning and assembling a good team of qualified pros, you can be certain you’ll always get the results you wish for. 5 stars all theway. I’d becomfortable on any team he leads.”

Mike H.

"Kent has been one of my greatest assets I could have ever asked for in an apprectice and a colleague. I’ve known Kent since 2008 when we were first introduced by a friend of mine when Kent mentioned to him that he was looking for real world experience into the world of Video and Audio. I took Kent under my wing and taught him everything that I know. I’m quite impressed by the fact that after all these years every time I see him and ask him questions about something he seems to be on dot about technology and the evolution of where things are going in this day and age. Kent has grown from a college grad that I knew coming in each and everyday to pick up the phone, take orders, grab the equipment needed, load the truck and head on out to now an individual that does his own projects that involve Audio Visual as well as his growing passion for Video Production. I now feel that I’m the apprentice and he is the master because he is now teaching me the ropes of his online learning paired with his real world experience of being in a Television Studio environment as well as high end retail sales. Not only is it that I personally feel that Kent would make a great asset ever. My apprentice and colleague, Kent Daniel Villavicencio is the spinning image of what success and professionalism is viewed as in the world of Audio Visual and Production Management.”

Patty M.

"I have known Kent now for a few years and he has worked for both divisions of my company, Immediate Connections, Inc. and has been chosen several times on our website Kent has exhibited nothing but professional av technical skills as well as excellent customer services skills no matter what type of venue he has worked at. I would highly recommend Kent for Freelance Live Event Technical assignments.”

Theodosios P.

“I hired Kent to provide AV services for an event I had coming up. He showed up on time set everything up and the setup was neat and clean. I would recommend him to anyone looking for great av and event service”

Ronald W. II

“100% recommended. I have known Kent for quite a while now. He is a consummate professional who is highly motivated and geared towards details and learning new things. He and I are constantly conversing about new technology and practices to make services that much better. If you want to receive high quality and absolutely excellent customer service and care, choose GreenTPyro without a doubt!"

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