Apple Store Tysons Corner

Richard P.

“Kent Daniels is very diligent in his projects, he is people-focused, and has always been willing to lend a hand where it is needed. I worked alongside Kent for 2 years at Apple Retail, and he expressed his reliability and success through his actions and calm-demeanor. I can say with certainty that Kent would be a great addtion to any team environment, whether technical, creative, or customer-facing. He is a media jack-of-all trades, and excels in all of his endeavors. Most impressive is that he has grown GreentpyroProduction Co. and its clientele, throughout the years by leveraging his Sales, Customer Service, and Production skills, and talents. Kent Daniels knows how to get the job done.

Ferris K.

“I’ve known Kent for about a year and have found him to be one of the most creative people I know. He looks for innovative solutions and they can be seen in his artistry of shooting videos. His Greentpyro Productions offers clients unique deliverables for their audio-visual needs. Kent’s passion shines through in everything he does.”

David A.

“Very nice guy, very good at what he did when we worked together at Apple. Always ready to help, in a professional manner, or as a coworker. He did great in translating in Spanish with some of the client’s we get. Very approachable, smart, down to earth. Always like to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Nathan G.

“I worked with Kent for several years at Apple and always loved being in his presence. Kent is a positive spirit and brings joy and excitement to everything he does. He is driven to success like any other I know. Kent always had a great attitude and would approach problems with an ambition to learn new things. As a small business owner, Kent has established a stronghold in his industry with GTP. I highly recommend Kent and can guarantee it wouldn’t take long to realize why.”

Gregory W.

Kent and I worked together at the Apple Store Tysons Corner for several years. When I look back, what I remember most about Kent was his level of sincerity and compassion. I would always see him working with customers of all ages and spending an equal amount of time ensuring they got the best experience. He would always be a go-to resource for video editng knowledge and a great resource for the vast media recording/editing industry. I was glad to hear that Kent ventured off to grow his own business as he always had that dream to do what he loves. Any company/client would be proud to have him work for them as you can trust that Kent will always bring a smile…and really cool equipment.

Sandy B.

Kent and I worked at Apple Retail together, and I was impressed with his passion for and his command of audio and video production. Kent was also very adept at working with customers and facilitating workshops as a member of the store’s workshop team. He was a hard working, conscientious, and not afraid to ask for constructive feedback from his peers."

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