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Audio Visual Consultant, Videographer and Video Editor looking to currently make an impact in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. as an Independent Contractor for small businesses and corporations in Audio Visual and Production Services. I have 7 years of experience on my belt including but never limiting for instance private/public sector IT Sales, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Audio Visual and Videography paired with Video“Motion” Effects. My work can be found all over social media and my affiliations to the entertainment, retail, hospitality, and other network connections is growing exponentially. Be a part of my success as well as yours by contacting me today to see what we can accomplish together.


Administrator at The Brookfield Babble

June 2015 - Present

I got appointed Administrator on June 26, 2015 by the Property Manager Marilyn Martin of Metro Premier Homes, LLC.

Co Organizer at Digital Video, Audio and Animation for Profit and Networking Group

March 2015 - Present

I’m now in charge of organizing reunions for a group that was started back in 2008 that has 300+ members for Multimedia Professionals and others getting started in the Industry.

Representative at National Paranormal Society (NPS)

January 2015 - Present

I’m one of several representatives in charge of monitoring their members on the Facebook social media page as well as monitoring content posted on the official National Paranormal Society (NPS) website.

Audio Visual Consultant at Greentpyro Productions, LLC.“GTP”

February 2012 - Present

Audio Visual Show Production Subcontractor - Basically provide support for the setup and teardown (striking) of a conference or party.

Videographer/Cinematographer - I video the events ranging from kid’s parties, corporate functions, religious family events, and sweet sixteens.

Video Editor & Visual Effects Designer - I edit the video I shot myself or the video a client has given me to work on and I work by myself or in collaboration with the client.

Media Production Specialist - For a production I can be the Producer, Technical Assistant, Production Assistant, Director of Photography, Director & Technical Director depending on what the client wants for the job.

Specialist at Apple Store Tysons Corner

November 2010 - December 2014

I help customers (Business or Consumers) with informing them about my company’s products and services and selling those goods to them. I take appointments over the phone and answer customer questions. I teach workshops once a week to new owners, current owners, prospective buyers and everyone curious about what my company has to offer.

Audio Visual Specialist at Audio Visual & Computer Services (AV&CS)

November 2008 - November 2010

I started as an intern and was promoted to assistant operations manager in under a year after my internship was over and exceeded the company quota. I took requests for A/V services from customers over the phone and office responsibilities. I came up with problem solving strategies to save resources and personnel for the company.

Audio Visual Specialist and Sales Representative at West Rom Media

June 2009 - December 2009

I came up with innovative solutions with resources on hand to film a wedding or conference (withmultiple cameras) then transfer to a DVD as a single product. I work with audio in recording telephone interviews/conference calls for use in play-back and employee monitoring and help record artists for use in video narration. I work with older individuals with services like the transfer of their old media (vhs, hi8, betacam, other tape formats and film reels and convert that to DVD or Digital.

Volunteer Experience

Production Assistant at Fairfax Public Access

June 2009 - January 2010

I was either a camera man, light or sound technician as well as a producer to ensure the programming was done right with proper effects using a audio visual switcher and Avid software.


Greentpyro Productions, LLC.

June 2005 to Present

Members: Kent Daniel Villavicencio and Romer Garcia

All the events and projects I work with clients as well as friends and family to know the benefits and importance media and arts has in getting a message across to anyone of all walks of life.




GTP’s Facebook Page

March 2012 to Present

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s works we’ve done and other projects we’re currently working on.

GTP’s Twitter Page

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s posts on the latest news and insights as to our current and future projects.

GTP’s Instagram Page

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s Photos and Videos of quick 15 sec or pics highlighting teasers of projects and where to watch the full presentation.

GTP’s Vimeo Page

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s page for videos we’ve done throughout the years.

GTP’s Indiegogo Page

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s page for information on helping fund GTP on their projects.

GTP’s WordPress Page

Authors: Kent Daniel Villavicencio

GTP’s page for blogs on what is going on everyday at GTP.

Skills & Expertise




Adobe Creative Suite


Mac OS X

Microsoft Office


Graphic Design


Final Cut Pro X

Video Editing

Customer Service






Motion Graphics




Video Production


Apple Aperture

Audio Editing

Media Production


After Effects






Social Networking

Voice Over


Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)


ITT Technical Institute (ITT Tech)

Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) Multimedia with Minor in Audio/Visual, 2005-2007


iPhone Cinematography/Videography, Innovative Audio/Visual Techniques & Graphic Design.


Digital Video Audio and Animation For Profit and Networking


March 2015 to Present

I coordinate networking and team building events for others in the Multi-Media Industry.

The Brookfield Babble


June 2015 to Present

Involved with working with other neighbors of the community in order to build unity amongst the community and let everyone be informed of what is currently going on in the neighborhood they live in.

Greentpyro Productions, LLC. “GTP” 2021