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This group is in charge of updating the website along with the social media presences for instance the Facebook Business page, Instagram, YouTube

This group is in charge or acquiring intel on the site we visiting so that we know exactly what we are looking for and helpful safety precautions for some or all of our onsite members if there is something that may cause someone harm and to avoid certain things if necessary.

This group is in charge of scheduling and inviting members to attend events from January 1st of this year to January 1st of next year. Those events include (trainings, monthly meetings and investigations.)

This group is in charge of finding out information on handling demonic situations IF there is a confirmed case of a demonic presence at the site.


Location and Property Release Administrator

This group is in charge of contacting the sites and acquiring their (POCs) Point of Contacts information along with the cost for our group to do an overnight investigation.

Photo/Video Evidence Administrator

This group handles knowing the difference between real and fake orbs, also helps with editing video we produce and condenses the material to provide attention grabbing and education content for our audience on social media

Emergency Medical Administrator

This group is in charge of handling any and all medical emergencies that may occur on site. High probablechance you will need to acquire a First Aid Kit to be a part of this team.

In Person / Phone Interviews Administrator

his group is in charge of contacting victims or witnesses of the site and get their testimonial on their experiences before the investigation as well as do a follow-up with them to match our evidence with their experiences.


If you’d like to be an Admin or Moderator and focus on a particular role in the group then feel free to send your inquiry to Kent Daniel.

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