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Greentpyro Productions, LLC.

Audio Visual (A/V) & 

Video Production Services

Who are we?

Audio Visual Rental House - We specialize in Video which is Projectors, Projector Screens, TV’s with their respective stands for trade shows, Video Cameras“Camcorders”, Video Switchers, Video Decks (VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, HDV, BetaCam & SP, Hi8. We also rent out Sound Systems, Push to talks “PTT”’s, Wireless and Wired Microphones, Podiums (Wood, Acrylic), Truss (Thomas and Global, "PRT" Power Rig Truss), Uplighting, Leikos, Pin Spots, Moveable Heads, Stage Deck, Pipe and Drape, Laptops, Printers, Lights for Video Shoot, Green, Blue and Black Backdrop for Photoshoots and Video, and anything and everything else Audio Visual, Just Ask.

Audio Visual Subcontractor - We work with other Audio Visual Production Houses all throughout the Greater Washington D.C. Area or even the big name hotels by providing Audio Visual delivery of that companies equipment from their office/hotel to their venue of choice (hotel, conference center, restaurant, etc.) and vice versa after assignment is concluded. At times we are asked to be the standby technician to ensure there is minimal technical difficulties as well as attend to switching live microphonesbetween current presenters at an event, transfering video signals between one or multiple LCD Projectors/HDTV’s/Smartboards and working with other post production live broadcastequipment for webcasting and other uses.

Video Production Services - Video is something we’ve had experience with since 2008 as we were use to the overall flow of how to edit weddings, corporate functions and private firm projects. Videography for us has been run and gun shooting and figuring out what works best for each situation.Video Editing can involve Raw Footage from one to many cameras and depending on the length of that Raw Footage it can take three times the length in order to fully edit each raw footage and prepare for it’s final deliverable.


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