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Greentpyro Productions, LLC.

Audio Visual (A/V) & 

Video Production Services

Where did our name come from?

The history behind the Greentpyro name came from the founders time in college at ITT Technical Institute. Kent Daniel (K.D.) always found himself during his classes fifteen minute breaks outside with his colleagues amongst other college students enjoying the fresh air or as others put it a smoke break to release the stress of productivity. During those smoke breaks some of K.D.’s colleagues kept telling him that this pack would be their last and that they would be done forever so they decided to hand over their lighters to K.D. He always happened to have an Arizona Green Tea can in one hand that he got from CVS for a dollar and in his other he had several lighters or at least one that he was messing around with to get his "flame of inspiration" going. As K.D. kept drinking away his Arizona Green Tea can and flicking on and off the lighters, great and innovative ideas kept popping in his head that eventually brought the inspiration to start our first website back in 2005 on the popular at the time blog site msn spaces. Fast forward fifteen years later and now we are an actual company doing Video Production and Full Service Audio Visual in the Northern Virginia Area.


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